Child Support

Serves Parents and Caretakers to make sure all Kit Carson County children get the financial support they need to thrive. 

Contact information for payments

Family Support Registry (FSR)



You will need your FSR number to access your account. 

Popular Payment Options

  • Recurring and one-time electronic payments co.smartchildsupport.co
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Childsuppportbillpay.com/Colorado 
  • Checks/money orders
    • Make payable: to CO Family Support Registry Send to: PO Box 2171 Denver, CO 80201

To View your child support order and review case information


  • You can set up an account by clicking on Parent and create your login and password. 

Contact the Kit Carson Child Support Office                                
Lori Benjamin. Technician                                                               . 
719-346-7158 ext. 426  
252 S 14th ST  
Burlington, CO 80807                                                                           

How to Apply for Child Support

 www.Childsupport.state.co.us.-on line, Pickup application at the office. Or call and an application can be mailed to you.

Colorado Department of Human Services published a press release yesterday highlighting mandated direct deposit and the removal of our application fee!   You can view the full press release by visiting: https://cdhs.colorado.gov/press-release/cdhs-makes-child-support-services-more-accessible-for-coloradans?fbclid=IwAR0AYLvWb1PbvqFA6tjoFgfJFpO28fkCa5t_aRGJR8TB7_RwjwKmGA-cz4g. We shared the announcement of the press release through @SupportCOKids Facebook page. Please feel free to share with your local media partners. 

The county office can help you establish an order, establish paternity to get a child support order, and enforce a current child support order.