DMV Motor Vehicle

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Mondays - Fridays, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Kit Carson County Courthouse
1650 Donelan Avenue – Second Floor Suite 203
Burlington, CO 80807
(719) 346-8638, option 3
(719) 346-8721 (fax)

The Kit Carson County Motor Vehicle Department is responsible for vehicle registration, titling and issuing of license plates.

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*The Colorado Department of Revenue is dedicated to providing quality service to our customers in fulfillment of our fiduciary and statutory responsibilities, while instilling public confidence through professional and responsive employees.

The following departments of the Kit Carson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office can also be reached by calling (719) 346-8638 and dialing the extension number:

  • Option 1 – Election Department for voter and election questions. ,
  • Option 2 – Recording Department for information concerning recording legal instruments.
  • Option 3 – Drivers’ License &, Motor Vehicle Department for license plates/renewals or titling a vehicle.

You can also reach the clerk\'s office by email at clerkandrecorder@kitcarsoncounty.org.

Secure and Verifiable Identification Required

Beginning June 1st, 2006 Secure and Verifiable Identification is required to obtain a new Colorado title, transfer of a title, a new handicap placard, a new registration, or a temporary permit. A secure and verifiable identification consists of one following identifications:
  • Any Colorado Driver License or Colorado Identification Card expired less than 1 year
  • Out of state issued photo driver license or photo identification card expired less than 1 year
  • US passport expired less than 10 years
  • Valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid Processed For I551 stamps, No: B1,B2, WT,WB, CP, or NC status. H1,H2, J1, J2, F1, F2etc., requires verification of Colorado employment or education.
  • Valid I551 Resident Alien/Permanent Resident card. NO border crosser or USA B1/B2 Visa/BCC cards.
  • Valid I688 Temporary Resident Card, I688B and I766 Employment Authorization Card
  • Valid US Military ID (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve and National Guard)
  • Tribal Identification Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization with intact photo
  • Certificate of (US) Citizenship with intact photo.

The person coming into the office to complete the title work must be named on the title, handicap placard application, new registration (new vehicle to owner), or temporary permit. If the named person or persons is unable to come into the office a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required for the person coming into the office to be able to complete the transaction.

The Power of Attorney form is located on the Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle web site, or you may come into the office to acquire one.

All Motor Vehicle Forms can be located at www.colorado.gov/revenue/dmv

Joint Tenancy/Tenancy in Common

If a vehicle is to be titled in two or more names, all persons must sign an Acknowledgment of Intent to have title issued in Joint Tenancy with Rights of ,Survivorship. Without authorization from all parties, the title with be issued as Tenancy in Common.

The difference?
Joint Tenancy with rights of Survivorship is defined as: A form of legal co-ownership of property (also known as survivorship). At the death of one co-owner, the surviving co-owner becomes sole owner of the property. Transfer of ownership requires copy of death certificate and signature of survivor.

Tenancy in Common is defined as: The equal or unequal holding of property by two or more persons. At the death of one co-owner, the deceased share of the property goes to his/her estate and is to be divided according to his/her will of the law in the absence of a will. Transfer of ownership requires documents appointing a personal representative for the decedent.

Motor Vehicle Renewals

Renewing a vehicle registered in Colorado:

Renewal postcards are mailed out at the beginning of the month prior to expiration.

If you no longer own the vehicle, disregard the notice. Or you may cancel your plates by coming in to ,the County Clerk\'s Office, or use Skip The Trip online.

Renew online at ,https://apps.colorado.gov/apps/dor/dmv/vehicle/registration/renewal/welcome.jsf ,(leaving the Clerk and Recorder\'s Site)

Include proof of insurance if it is noted on your postcard renewal notice. ALL motor vehicle types MUST have insurance to be driven on Colorado highways. House Bill 98-1213, which became effective July 1, 1999, requires that prior to registration or renewal, owners of tax Class C vehicles (passenger, motor home and motorcycle), must provide proof of insurance. Effective May 12, 2000, owners of Class B vehicles (including light trucks and SUV\'s) must show proof of insurance before registering vehicles. Signing the back of the renewal card DOES NOT constitute showing proof of insurance. Use this link for more information on Insurance Requirements.

Provide us with your new physical and mailing addresses if they have changed.

Return the renewal card with payment in an envelope so that it will reach the County Clerk\'s Office before the last day of the grace period (one month after the expiration month). Checks should be made payable to the Kit Carson County Clerk and the plate number being renewed should be included.

Mail the renewal notice to: Kit Carson County Clerk and Recorder, P.O. Box 249, Burlington, CO 80807.

If you did not receive your renewal card, the timely renewal of your registration is still your responsibility. Contact the County Clerk\'s Motor Vehicle Office via email at clerkandrecorder@kitcarsoncounty.org.

Effective June 1, 2009, Kit Carson County vehicle owners are required to pay an additional $25.00 late fee per month up to $100 on each vehicle registered after the one-month grace period as provided by C.R.S. 42-3-112 (SB09-108).

Effective January 1, 2016, a statewide change was implemented for certain vehicle registration cards. On the reverse side of the title/registration receipt, there will be printed a breakdown of the fees. , This is only for either new registration transactions or renewals processed in the County Clerk’s office or over the phone.

License Plate Expiration

In Colorado, a 30-day grace period is given for all renewals for fee purposes only. (Example: If your plates expire in February, you have until the last working day in March to renew your plates.) , You could still be stopped for expired plates.

Homemade Trailer Requirements

  • Weight Slip
  • Certified VIN inspection - additional fee applies
  • Dimensions (Example: 8 feet long by 6 feet wide.)
  • Value (How much the trailer is worth.)
  • DR 2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance - If under 2000 pounds
  • Will follow In Lieu of Bond process if weight is under 2000 pounds and trailer is valued at less than $500 (please call our office with any questions)
  • DR2539 Title Information Request and a Receipt form
  • DR2489 Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use form
  • DR2444 Statement of Fact
  • Weight slip
  • Certified VIN inspection
  • Appraisal

Kit Trailer Requirements

  • Cash Register Receipt
  • Homemade Trailer Affidavit
  • DR 2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance
  • Certified VIN inspection
  • Weight slip

Out of State Trailer Requirements

  • If coming from titling state - VIN inspection
  • If coming from a non-titling state - Certified VIN inspection
  • Weight slip

Title Requirements

  • Moving to Colorado
    1. If no lien - need title for vehicle.
    2. If there is a lien - need current registration and lien holder name, address, phone number.
    3. VIN inspection form - filled out by a Colorado law officer or licensed dealership.
    4. Proof of insurance.
  • In State Purchase from Dealer
    1. Title or MSO
    2. Sales tax receipt - if vehicle was not purchased in Kit Carson County, county and city sales tax will be collected, if applicable.
    3. Odometer disclosure
    4. Dealer bill of sale
    5. If transferring plates, need to have them and the registration. If getting new plates, old plates must be surrendered to our office if credit, where applicable, is to be given toward new plates.
    6. Proof of insurance
  • In State Purchase from Dealer with Lien Paperwork might be in \'hold\' box or on computer. If not, you need the following:
    1. Need title papers
    2. Security agreement
    3. Proof of insurance
  • Out of State Purchase from Dealer
    1. Out of state title or MSO
    2. Bill of sale
    3. Security agreement - if lien on vehicle
    4. Proof of insurance
    5. Secure odometer disclosure if not signed on the title/MSO and a written and hand printed signature from the seller and the buyer on the Colorado dealer bill of sale or the title/MSO
    6. VIN inspection
  • Purchase from Individual
    1. Title
    2. Bill of sale
    3. Need to collect state and city (if applicable)
    4. Proof of Insurance

If title is from out of state, a VIN inspection will be required, which can be obtain from the Sheriff’s Department as you come into the Kit Carson County Courthouse.