Road and Bridge

Kit Carson County operates three sites for county road and bridge maintenance. These sites are located to better serve the three Road and Bridge Districts. Please note the Road and Bridge Districts are not divided the same way as the County Voting districts. It is possible you live in one Voting district and are served by a different Road and Bridge District.

Special Transportation Permit Form ALL SPECIAL TRANSPORT PERMIT FORMS NEED TO BE TURNED INTO US  BY MONDAY AT 4:00PM SO THAT THEY CAN BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISIONERS ON WEDNESDAY.  Anything turned in after the deadline will not be reviewed until the following week.  Forms can be submitted to accounting@kitcarsoncounty.org

Policy and the link for the Kit Carson County Road Policy.  FULL POLICY

Link to road map of Kit Carson County https://id.land/ranching/maps/dafa0bcd12c3f12e14a5548a3d192378/share

Please contact your Road and Bridge district office first for concerns about service needs. If you find your needs are not met in a timely manner, please direct calls to our Road and Bridge Manager for follow-up.

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  • County Shop District #1
    1696 Colorado Ave, 
    Burlington CO 80807
    (719) 346-8146
  • County Shop District #2
    324 Nebraska Avenue
    Stratton, CO 80836
    (719) 348-5282
  • County Shop District #3
    920 Ouray Avenue
    Flagler, CO 80815
    (719) 765-4665