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Political Party Chair People are: 
Democratic Chair is Jeanette Trimmer contact information 828-808-4010 or jeanettetrimmer@yahoo.com 

Republican Chair is Judy Arends contact information 719-349-1834 judyarends@hotmail.com 

2021 Coordinated
2021 Coordinated sample Ballots
Arriba-Flagler C-20 School District – Ballot Type R20
Idalia RJ-3 School District – Ballot Type RJ3
Stratton R-4 School District – Ballot Type R4
Statewide Ballot Measures – Ballot Type ST
Kit Carson County Election Results – no hyperlink at this time
Statewide Results – no hyperlink at this time
Provisional Ballot Report – no hyperlink at this time
2021 Coordinated Election Abstract  - no hyperlink at this time