Kit Carson County Results LIVE June 25, 2024. 7pm

Statewide Results LIVE June 25, 2024. 7pm

Office Phone (719) 346-8638 option 1  

Office Fax (719) 346-8721

1650 Donelan Avenue, Suite 203, Burlington, CO 80807

Elections@kitcarsoncounty.org    clerkandrecorder@kitcarsoncounty.org

Kit Carson County Open Records 

The Kit Carson County Clerk will be conducting the Logic and Accuracy Test for the June 25, 2024 Election on Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 9:00 A.M. at the Kit Carson County Courthouse, 
1650 Donelan Ave., Suite 201, Burlington, CO 80807
in accordance with CRS 1-7-509 and Rule 11.3.2. 

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Political Party Chair People are: 
Democratic Chair is:  Judy Arends contact information 719-349-1834 judyarends@hotmail.com 

Republican Chair is:  Diane Homm contact information 719-342-3875 dianehomm@gmail.com


June 25, 2024 Election Ballots
Democrat Ballot: June 25th HERE
Republican Ballot: June 25th HERE
CD4 Vacancy Ballot: June 25th HERE
2024 Presidential Primary Sample Ballot
Republican Sample Ballot HERE
Democratic Sample Ballot HERE
General Election Information
Judicial Performance for General Colorado.gov
Ballot Informational Booklet (bluebook) for General Colorado.gov
Presidential Primary Kit Carson County Election Results – LIVE 6-25-2024
Presidential Primary Statewide Results – LIVE 6-25-2024
Presidential Primary Provisional Ballot Report - HERE 6-25-2024
Presidential Primary2024 Presidential Primary Abstract - HERE 6-25-2024
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